Only good things can come from combining adventure and profit.

Quality Munitions, Ships and Equipment.

We are an industrial corporation that produces munitions, ships, equipment, rigs and anything else we can get a blueprint for. If you need an item, send an EVE mail to Bok Solette, or open a contract to MMaNS with a good price and leadtime.
Would you like to mine?

If you like to turn rock and ice into money, then mining is for you. MMaP welcomes miners of any skill level, in fact we will give you the books, if we want you to have a skill that you don't have now. We also have a corporation tax rate that is less than half what the others want, pay dividends monthly and buy ore (so you don't waste time in transport). Give us a try !  - Bo Rollard

Megathron in station

Mining Skiff
Venture Orca