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3 steps to succeed in nullsec     1) Always watch local.
2) Stay Aligned to something.
3) Never ever AFK mine.
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Welcome to our site. Here you will find some of the latest news and over time a few more useful features.

We have our HQ office in nullsec NPC space. But please never go there, it is just for CCP to have a place to call our HQ.

Ice, Ore, and Gases can be contracted as listed below at a corporate office location if possible. Select the location and you will see the percentage of Est. price that you should use. (The short answer is 90% in KFIE-Z or Larryn/Niballe; 85% in F-TE1T).

Other than Ice, Ore, and Gases - everything else should be contracted at fifty percent (50%) of the Est. price as listed at the bottom of your hangar window (Learn About Est. price). This price structure allows us to not lose ISK transporting items to market, and is really just to help members a bit. Each month a dividend will be paid based on what remains after office rent.(Learn About Contracts to Corp.)

Planetary Interaction (PI) products are especially important to our operations and they can be contracted at the nearest Outpost. PI can make enough to PLEX an account, and is mostly hands free. Please look for buyers in corp, some pay full Est price for PI.

If you want a ship, supplies or implants; use the alliance assets to supply it or buy it in Jita with an alt. and ship it out. The prices in local can be stupidly high. We can haul things from Jita. In general, do not undock at Jita! Use an alt or a freight service. And one final thing, you can get space rich shipping things into region. However, playing market games (0.01 ISK buy orders, Billion ISK overprice, etc.) will get you booted from corp pretty quickly. We all know what a fair price looks like. As a nice rule, if you have to sell at over twice Jita to make a profit you need to ship something else... Let's make our local markets into where everyone looks first to buy and sell.

On August 16 last year we had a mining competition:

The winner was the one with the the most cubic meters mined, the second place prize went to the most units mined. As you can see, you don't need to mine the most to make the most ISK. 245 million ISK worth of ore was mined in 2 hours. These are the least valuable ores in nullsec... Not too shabby.

Survey Results:

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