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How do I join?

It's simple. Search for Miner Materials and Prospecting in the corp finder, or better yet just click on the corp info for any member and select Apply.

Are there any minimum requirements?

Not very many. Do the combat tutorials and train to Drones level 5. A new player does not have any bad habits to unlearn, but a few skills will make life in nullsec much easier. A few mining skills will make it more profitable also. Be sure and read all Alliance info you can find (you will never read it all) there will be a test later...

What should I bring with me?

If you are a new character, just bring your clone.  If you have some ship you love (like a Mackinaw), better wait a week and ship it. Be bad to lose it while you are getting accustomed to life out here. You are best served by something like the "Procurer: Tanked (T1)" as shown on the UniWiki (http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Procurer). Most miners lean more towards Anti-Kinetic resists in place of the Adaptive/Extender units, but this varies by personal preference and location.

I see enemies everywhere, what should I do?

Are you usually paranoid? If so don't worry, its just a normal day. If not, make a SPOT report to the regional intel channel.

SPOT REPORT - (The SALUTE mnemonic reminds you to report enemy Size, Ativity, Location, Unit, Time, and Equipment.)
     [Brad Pottypants Helios Scanner Mcgee nv Willy Makit Herron Camping LZ-6SU]

Not every element will be known and order is not important, also some elements are obvious such as time and size.
     [spike +23 nv LZ-6SU left to HE-V4V 3 min ago]

Sometimes you are hauling ass and need to add the info after you are safe... still report it, but put in the time and other elements you know. By the way, 'nv' = 'no visual' on the equipment type.

How do I get there?

The very fastest way is to set your clone home to our main system and then selfdestruct. Barring that you can come in a cloaky ship, or a fast ship, or a cheap ship.

Do we have voice coms?

Teamspeak is required for your main. You will need to register it from the ESA (ESA is not European Space Agency, it is http://esa.eve-sma.com/login)

Where do I find the PAP link... I was in fleet all day?

PAP Link  Really? We measure participation in ISK contracted, but Alliance needs to track participation with PAP links. Join 3-4 Alliance fleet ops per month. I dont care if they are training fleets, PvP, PvE or PvRoid(mining). Our taxes are based on some arcane formula that takes into account our overall participation. If its an Alliance mining fleet you can even contract the ore where you stop. That is really a nice way to get your PAP and ISKies too...

How do I get boost?

Join fleet. We have a constant fleet. If you are in fleet and have no boost, move to a different squad. If you are in fleet and not mining move to 'Not Mining' wing. Speak up if the booster disconnects.

How do I get invited to fleet?

Look for the advert in fleet finder.

You should see it there. If its not there ask for help in corp chat.

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